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The Experimental Food Society was founded by Alexa Perrin in January 2010 and is an organization formed to front the UKs most talented and pioneering culinary creatives, featuring ground-breaking gourmet artists that will challenge your perception of food.

An awe inspiring assemblage of food magicians, jellymongers, sonic food artists, cake sculptors, gastronomic tailors, culinary cabaret troupes and one-of-a-kind dining conceptualists to name a few, society members are joined in their love of food and their desire to push it to new levels often fusing it with other forms such as science and art. They are the tastemakers of the culinary arts industry.

The Experimental Food Society features a members directory, a series of talks and an annual Spectacular exhibition and banquet. It also takes commissions throughout the year. It is the first organisation of its kind, both in the UK and worldwide.

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The Experimental Food Society is a subsidiary of apr consultancy ltd.